Our range consists of approximately 600 products and includes meat, game and poultry, shellfish, fruit and vegetables including wild mushrooms and locally foraged specialities, cheeses and the very best of Irish, French and world-wide artisan and specialist foods. Availability changes daily and seasonally to ensure Artisan Foods supplies only the finest produce at all times. We have built up strong supplier relationships over the years so that we are the agents for several leading brands such as 12 Year Sweet Pedro Ximénez Vinegar, Sotaroni Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Maldon product range, Acetum Balsamic Vinegar, Pebeyre truffles and truffle products including their highly sought after line of truffle oils, Forum Vinegars and Celnat organic pulses and grains. We are sole Irish agents for Ferran Adrias ‘Texturas’ range of state of the art gourmet products such as spherifiers, thickeners and emulsifiers, which provide a chef with the tools to create and innovate.

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